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If you have a minute... pls

2015-02-10 08:21:04 by DILfreak76

So I made this yesterday  >

After watching this (and the videos before it), I made this Minimal Viable Product or alpha of a game for cellphones. However here's the problem, I have NO idea how to make it into something a cellphone will be able to play (eg. make it into an .apk).

So if you have a minute I'd really appreciate if you could give any pointers, any tutorial, any tool, anything that could help me get started on making games for phones. Either as a comment here or anything you can send to my gmail

Also, if you played the game, Id like to ask: should the "attack" kill only one or all of the same color?; do you find the character slight movement in the middle distracting?; did you die or just got bored?; any other advice you got for it will also be welcome. Take into account that as an alpha it only contains gameplay. Levels and different enemies and even bosses are only on paper so far. 

voice actress needed

2012-09-07 20:26:12 by DILfreak76

How stupid can I be?

I'm making an animation for little contest and just now I realize I'm missing her voice.

here she is:

If you're interested, let me now and I'll send you a message with the script.


-It's a really short script.

-it's not conversation, it's sort of a narration/letter kinda thing.

-starts really happy but the mood changes quickly at the end. Smiling during the beginning and stopping at the should change the tone of your voice.

One more thing, the deadline is on the 12th... I know it's tight but even if you can't make it by then I'd still appreciate it if you send me your recording, I will still make this no matter what.

New Animation + Need programming help

2011-03-18 08:10:17 by DILfreak76

So, I've finished yet another pokemon animation. A simple ending sort of thing.
Here it is >> POKEMONS!

Anyway I'm working on a non-pokemon related halloween game, hopefully done by this years halloween And I need some help with the programming so if anyone can help me or tell me where I can find tutorials about ActionScript 3.0 for a side scrolling game.

Fresh meet

2010-07-04 16:57:33 by DILfreak76

so, I'm new here and I don't really know when I'll change this If I ever do.

I'm just trying to go through life without being maimed by people.